There’s a song for every emotion amazing thing about Bollywood and Pollywood:

Bollywood is a film industry representing a major part of India. The music is definitely present in all of the movies of Indian film industry. Bollywood songs are featured in Bollywood film and are also known as Hindi film songs or filmy songs where Pollywood songs are the songs in the Punjabi language featured in Punjabi films.

Songs play an important role to hit a movie:

Songs play a very important role in making a good film because it sets the mood for any particular scene. Bollywood industry thus believes that people who watch movies are people who come to a movie for a special event rather than a normal event in their life. The songs in Bollywood industry thus speak of special elements of surprise in the visual forms.


Bollywood and Pollywood songs

Some most popular genre of Bollywood songs are:

1.Classic                                                                     2.Desh bhakti

3. disco                                                                       4.Folk

5.Indi pop                                                                    6.jazz

7.Qawwali                                                                   8.Sufi

9.Ghazal                                                                     10.hip-hop

Music is a universal language musician claims that with music. You can communicate across, cultural and linguistic boundaries. It has the ability to evolve deep feelings at the core of the shared human’s experience. It brings people together. It makes us feel connected to other people and reduce stress. There is no better mood elevator than jamming to some awesome tunes.

Bollywood and Pollywood songs:

Big Hindi films just don’t work with the volume down. The Hindi film playback singers, musicians are renowned all across the globe and have nothing less than the celebrity’s status. We saw a marked change in Bollywood cinema. It’s almost impossible to imagine Hindi cinema without songs from

1.Rang barse                                                                2.Rang de Basanti

3.Kal ho na ho                                                              4.khaike paan Banaras wala

5.Kajrare kajrare                                                           6.Tujhe Dekha to ye Jaana Sanam

7.Paani da rang                                                            8.Dil to bacha hai jo

9. Jag ghoomeya                                                          10.Main hon hero tera

Bollywood vs Pollywood songs singers

Most popular Pollywood singers:

1.Gurdaas Maan                                                               2.Sardool Sikander

3.Kuldeep Manak                                                              4.Babbu Maan

5.Diljit Dosanjh                                                                  6.Sharry Maan

7.Honey Singh                                                                  8.Gippy Grewal

9.Jaspinder Narula                                                            10.Daler Mehndi

11.Jazzy B                                                                        12.Miss Pooja

Use of Punjabi songs in Bollywood:

Right now there is a trend to use Punjabi songs in Bollywood music industry. Punjab is very advanced, rich and famous so Bollywood mostly inspires from it. Punjabi language is very similar to Hindi as well as different language and easily understood by the viewers. In addition to the bhangra, the genre is also very popular. Some of the Pollywood singers like Honey Singh, Badshah, Guru Randhawa, Gurdaas Maan have given their voice in Bollywood.

Songs trending on YouTube:

In today generation everyone knows about YouTube. YouTube allows users to upload, view and subscribe to top trending on a YouTube channel. Bollywood and Pollywood both give their best songs which are trending on YouTube not even in India, all around the world.